We're inclusive.  That means no matter your ethnic, cultural or religious background, color of your skin, sexual preferences, or your history, you are welcome here! We are excited to connect with that unique Divine spark that is you!

About Unity
The Five Unity Principles
  1. There is only One Power and One Presence, God, Absolute Good.
  2.  Our essence is of God; therefore, we are inherently good. God is individualized in each person as the Christ consciousness, as demonstrated by Jesus the Christ.
  3. Meditation and prayer are a means to experience the presence of God.  Through affirmative prayer and meditation, we accept the spiritual reality of our nature.
  4.  The Law of Mind in action shows us that our thoughts and beliefs will reflect in the way we experience our daily lives.  Through our beliefs, judgments, words and actions we create our experience of life. Through our core beliefs we create perceptions of people, events and experiences and choose our response to them.
  5. Practical application of our truth is remembering that we are eternal spiritual beings and allowing that love to fully express in our activities and relationships. We act on our truth!

Unity is positive spiritual living.  While tracing its roots to Christianity, and Eastern traditions, the Unity and New Thought movements make a huge distinction from most Christian doctrine - that God is inside you and you have direct access to God.  Of course you can use whatever name or names that suit you to call this omniscient, loving power that flows through you and everything else.  Divine Presence, Goddess, Beloved, Allah, Buddha Nature, Source, and Spirit are but a few. We're perfectly okay with many names for this Divine Presence in our lives but use the term 'God' to keep communication easier and simpler.

Unity is all about living while consciously connected to our Source... [insert your favorite name for God].  The movement embraces the universal truths found in all religions and spiritual traditions. A good starting point for this conscious living can be summed up by the Five Unity Principles.  See below. 

Vision and Mission


We envision the Divine Light Awakening in All!


We center in Peace and Love.

We connect in our hearts with others.

We celebrate our journey toward wholeness.

And we empower others to experience their Spiritual Magnificence!

Daily Word
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