growing our Community of Spiritual Love

With our White Stone Ceremony this morning (January 6), we have launched our becoming for 2013. Who are we becoming?  What are we becoming? 

We are growing into the full abundance of what Spirit envisions for us as a place for all who wish to enter into greater love -- to move together toward manifesting the New Era of community, joy, caring, and abundance.

A basic Unity principle is a belief in Divine Order manifesting in and through our lives. Our Unity Center of Peace family, as it grows, is manifesting Divine Order, through each of us. At the beginning of this New Year and New Time, we invite everyone to discern the role that is yours to play in this community. As we each play our right role, the whole vision comes together in peace and joy. We all have so many gifts -- abilities to nurture, to guide, to teach, to create beautiful space, to make order, to bless, to care, to lead, to organize, to protect and to make decisions...  To thrive, we need all these gifts. And to thrive, you need to answer the call to share your gifts. In Divine Order, we need each other.

We will hold our annual community meeting on Sunday February 24 2013.  At that time, we will take two important actions:  vote on new by-laws that correspond to what we are becoming, and elect the trustees who will help to lead us over the next couple of years. We are a vital, rapidly growing community -- you will find taking  your right leadership role rewarding and exciting. 

To be a part of things, you must first become a member of UCP. You will be able to do so with our New Member Class on Saturday Feb. 10, 2012 from 10 to 2 (bring a snack to share).  The following week, on Sunday February 17, we will install our new members on New Member Sunday, so that you are ready to  vote at the annual meeting on Feb. 24 after the service. 

We welcome all those who wish to be an active part of our growing, exciting community of loving spiritual family, and invite you to join us in February -- to become a member and add your spirit to the gathering force for joy that we envision becoming through 2013.  Remember, the Law of Circulation demonstrates how  Giving and Receiving are synonymous.  We see you receiving much as you also give your energy to your community.  We see you growing in joy, love, and peace as a UCP member.  We see you finding deep satisfaction because you love and are loved within our community.  We look forward to joining forces with you  for one of the most deeply satisfying experiences of your life.     

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