Sharing our Light

Here is the link to the full TED TALK that I shared as part of my talk on Sunday:  Sanjit Bunker Roy Barefoot College 

Ray exemplifies the second way we can radiate our inner Divine Light into the world.  The purpose of being a Light Being is to illuminate and to dispel darkness wherever we can.  This second way is how we embody our inner Light and carry it in our hands -- being of service in the world - in whatever way our inner wisdom guides us.  (The first, remember, is to silently imagine the Love and Light streaming from your heart into the heart of whoever is in front of you. Lots of opportunities to do that this holiday season in busy shopping malls, sitting in a theatre and sitting in traffic!) 

What way is your inner wisdom directing you to shine your light into the world?  In what way will you radiate your Divine Light this Holiday Season, and into the New Year?  It doesn’t have to be a big endeavor.   It could be!  Just one person can make tremendous changes in the world.  But doesn’t have to be. You never know how another person’s life can completely change just by saying something really encouraging when they need it.   And a kind gesture can ripple out in waves of Light throughout the world.

But it can only happen when you turn on your light!  So, go now and connect with Source meditation or other spiritual practice...and turn on your Light!

I will be posting a video of this service on my YouTube page when it's complete -- including Mark Malachai beautifully leading us in the traditional Hebrew blessing as he lit the first candle in our menorah. 

Much love to you this Holiday Season and beyond.

Rev. Victoria

Abundant Blessings

If you've spent any length of time in personal development, spiritual community or New Thought, you know the importance of much as possible...negative thinking, limiting beliefs, self-defeating self-talk, some refer to it, "stinkin' thinkin"...and to instead embrace more positive, possibility thinking.

Why?  Because our thoughts...or more accurately our energy (which is by and large created by our thoughts) tends to create our experience in life.  If informs how we react to situations a large creating those very situation.  This is, of course, basic New Thought 101

In practice though, we often find it's not so easy to control our thinking and to consciously shift those limited, negative thoughts and to instead think positive, life affirming one.  Particularly when situations are challenging.

A much easier, and much more effective way to approach it, that I've found and that Eric Butterworth promotes in his book Spiritual Economics, is to cultivate a Grateful Heart.

Here is the video of that talk where I share exactly how to do just that. 

Abundant Blessings to you!

Affirmation for Successful Living Tags: Charles Fillmore affirmations

Last time I spoke (The Secret to Creating a Successful Life) I asked you all to take the following affirmation into your daily meditation for 2 weeks. This affirmation is one of Charles Fillmore's and it's one that ties the two first steps of together. Again those steps are:

1. Create a solid relationship with the Divine Source within.  This is done with some kind of meditation, whatever works best for you. But daily practice is essential to quieting the ego-mind enough so we can hear the voice of Spirit within.

2. Be impecable with your word.  Be extremely aware of what you are saying about yourself, the world and about others.  Words are very powerful in creating our reality, so choose your words carefully. Speak only those that affirm the Absolute Truth about you and others.


“In the quietness and confidence of Spirit, I see myself as God sees me, Its perfect image and likeness.”   

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