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I find this quote by -Ernest Holmes from The Science of Mind very empowering.

"One's entire treatment is based on the assumption that there is a spiritual pattern at the center of everything. The perfect was always there, it was implanted by the Spirit. The imperfect has been added by the human mind.  What the human mind has put there, it can take away.  What the Divine has implanted cannot be uprooted, it can only appear to be covered up.  Spiritual mind practice is an uncovering of the Divine Nature."

So prayer is a process of uncovering the good that has always been there now...awaiting our recognition.  It clears away the debris which covers up the perfection and beauty that lie hidden within. 


Passage on Forgiveness from Robert Brumet's book Tags: Forgiveness Conscious Evolution Birthing a Greater Reality

This passage from Robert Brumet's book, Birthing a Greater Reality: A Guide for Conscious Evolution looks at forgiveness from a fresh perspective...

"Any form of condemnation toward our self or another is a defense against facing our authentic feelings; it is an attempt to ignore our inner pain by focusing outward, toward another.  When we choose to not engage in blame and condemnation, we engage the second phase of forgiveness: The process of healing our own internal wounds.  We then proceed with our healing. Forgiveness becomes the healing process itself. ...Forgiveness begins as a choice to engage in the process of healing. This may take some time to unfold; thus forgiveness becomes an ongoing process.  Jesus was asked how many times we must forgive someone; as many as seven times?  He responded, 'Not seven, but seventy time seven' (Mt. 18:22), which essentially means forgiveness without limitation."

If you are interested in reading more of this amazing book, you can order it on Amazon. Click here

Three Minute Miracles

Are You Ready for a Miracle?
Well, good news!...

Our Newly Expanded UCP Prayer Team is Offering as a Service to You...

One-on-one, powerful prayer support in three minutes after the service in the Chapel.

Please form a line outside the door to the Chapel and enter one at a time when door is opened. At least one Prayer Team member will be “on duty” every Sunday and happy to support you in manifesting a miracle in your life!

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