Machai St. Rain's Mission to Uganda

Our own Machai St. Rain successfully led the mission to build a school in Uganda!!

Our community has donated the funds for completing the school, and it is now complete!  Yay!  

We still want to stay connected with these dear children.



Here's a note from our co-minister's to the children in our community.

Hi, all – especially you kids!  A member of our church , named Machai (mah-kie’), has been working in a village in Uganda to help them build a school so the kids can learn to read and write and will be able to have good jobs when they grow up.  Their ages are 7 to 13, and their pictures and hand written letters looking for US penpals are as follows (ed. - These are summarized below to protect the names and faces of the children).  If you’d like to have a penpal around your age in Africa, and learn what it’s like to grow up there, in a little village, please look at these letters and pick a child to write to.  You can do the same thing they did – print a short handwritten note on a piece of paper,  and draw something on it. Tell them about your favorite things to do, your age, and your sister(s) or brother(s).  Draw a couple of your favorite things.  If you have an idea what you’d like to be when you grow up, you could share that, too. And ask them a couple of short questions for their next letter to you! 

When you have written or dictated a letter, please ask your closest grownup to scan your letter and send it back to me as an email attachment, with a digital photo of you, alone or with someone from your family, so I can email your letters and pictures to the African children.  Or you can bring it in to UCP and give to the office manager or one of the ministers. If one of these children appeals to you especially, write to her or him.  Otherwise, just write to all of them, as they wrote to all of you. But make it a letter from you personally, not from a group.        

Have fun, and thank you very, very much!  

Grandma Ro  (Rev. Rosemary,  Unity Center of Peace, Chapel Hill NC)


9 yrs. old boy:  2 brothers & 3 sisters
Favorite things – riding bike & playing soccer
Wants to be an engineer.

5 yrs. old girl: 3 brothers & 1 sister
Favorite things – dancing & teddy bears

7 yrs. old boy: 1 brothers & 2 sisters
Favorite things – riding bike & playing
Wants to be a bank manager.

12 yrs. old boy: 2 brothers & 2 sisters
Favorite things – riding bike & playing soccer
Wants to be a bank manager

11 yrs. old girl: 2 brothers & 3 sisters
Favorite things – dancing and singing
Wants to be a police woman.

13 yrs. old girl: 2 brothers & 3 sisters
Favorite things – singing & dancing
Wants to be a police woman.

Replies:0 From Uganda with Love started Dec 3rd 2013

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