Hi Angels,

I've reproduced Machai's appreciation of your wonderful generosity to her children in Uganda.

OMG!!!! I am floating on a cloud right now and my tears of GRATITUDE are RAINING Down!!! THIS will be a Thanksgiving I will never forget!!! I just received such a GENEROUS Donation from My LOVING Spiritual Family at Unity Center of Peace in Chapel Hill...Over 7 times what I thought the donation was going to be!!! After the struggle of Malaria the last couple of weeks the hope of finishing the 4 classrooms was all but gone, but now, with my strength returning and their help - we now have ALL of the Money for the materials...There is a very good chance this building could be built even in the next 5 days before I leave Uganda...MIRACLES Abound and I am BUOYED and HOPEFUL once again!!! SO MUCH LOVE TO ALL OF YOU FOR YOUR LOVE STRENGTH AND SUPPORT!!! MmmmmmWwwwwwaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!