The Sacred Spaces at Unity Center of Peace

Our "sacred space" engineers worked diligently last year to create some very special places for alternative worship on the beautiful grounds here at Unity Center of Peace. The Sacred Spaces are open and available for anyone to walk, meditate, and engage in personal spiritual ritual any time of day.  If you would like to host a sacred service or group ritual in any of our spaces please let us know in advance and we'd be happy to support you in your efforts. 

The Serenity Trail:

The Serenity Trail is a meditation path through the woods adjoining Unity Center of Peace. Its purpose is to guide people into greater connection with their inner selves, the natural world, and the Universal Spirit that is everywhere. At intervals along the trail, there are "stations" where you can stop, read instructions for a meditative activity, and then do the activity and notice how this increases your sense of serenity, peacefulness, and other positive feelings. The Serenity Trail connects the labyrinth and the Medicine Wheel, so that if time allows, you can experience all three of these powerful spiritual practices in the same visit.  

The Serenity Trail connects the two spaces and is actually laid along a sacred earth meridian, or lay line…the larger meridian connects Pamlico Sound on the outer banks to Mt. Michelle in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  



Medicine Wheel: 

The Medicine Wheel has been used by generations of indigenous people as a means of teaching, meditation, prayer, healing and celebration.  Participants circle around the wheel, made from select stones, in the sun direction {clock wise}.  The center of the Medicine Wheel represents “The Great Mystery” or Creator.”  The Wheel embodies a reverence for the Four Cardinal Directions (*) which align with the forces of nature.  The symbol of the wheel denotes a relationship with nature that teaches about the cycles of life, connections to our ancestors, and the realization that “we are one.”  The Medicine Wheel is a spiritual expression given individual meaning by each participant.  The wisdom of the Wheel can be enhanced by simple directions (which are posted) to enable each pilgrim to receive the benefits from this "vortex of healing energy".  The teachings of the Medicine Wheel are multi-faceted.  Its location on the Unity Center of Peace's Serenity Trail is designed to be respectful of all native traditions.  It is a wheel of peace, unity and self-reflection.  We are but caretakers of this spiritual symbol.

Spiral Labyrinth: 

Unity Center of Peace's Spiral Labyrinth copies one of the most ancient geometrical symbols – the spiral. This geometrical pattern appears on ancient Egyptian temples as well as Celtic monuments; in nature, the spiral pattern appears in plants, on certain seashells and, most significant of all, it is the design of our galaxy.  Our Spiral Labyrinth has 12 rings, 12 being a sacred number.  Upon entering the spiral, you will walk counterclockwise, or moon wise, in the direction of the Feminine to be nurtured. Walking in this direction will open an energy vortex deepening your spiritual experience. In the center, the four directions will be marked. According to Tibetan mysticism, these directions are Gateways into the higher dimensions. Also, many indigenous cultures conduct prayer ceremonies to the directions (see Medicine Wheel above).  You can pray or meditate to the Gateways or just stand in silence.  When you are complete, walk out of the Labyrinth in the opposite direction from which you entered, that is clockwise, or sun wise, the direction of the Masculine letting you enter back into the world strengthened..

Please enjoy these Sacred Spaces in the spirit in which they were created and walk gently upon our earth.   If you feel you'd like to share your appreciation of our Sacred Spaces in tangible form, you will find our Donation Box posted on the outside of our building by the front door.



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We envision the Divine Light Awakening in All!


We center in Peace and Love.

We connect in our hearts with others.

We celebrate our journey toward wholeness.

And we empower others to experience their Spiritual Magnificence!

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