Who We Are

As a spiritual youth community, we provide a safe place of love and acceptance where our teens and children experience the awareness of their oneness with God and all of life.

Our purpose is to create programs and experiences that invite the Divine potential in each individual to grow and expand. Using the tools of affirmative prayer, All Together Now Unity Curriculum, meditation and service, we practice Universal Truth Principles as a way of life.

Michael Savino has been our constant and much beloved Unikids leader.  He is assisted each week by a rotating list of loving volunteers. 

For the safety of everyone, we perform criminal background checks on all those working with our youth.

Children’s Ministry

Sunday Lesson Format

Sacred Circle: A time of, community building, reconnecting, celebrating and prayer.

Story Sharing: A story is shared and is used to create common ground among the students.

Discussion:  The use of a questioning strategy is used to engage each child in an exploration of the story and how it reflects Unity principles and relates to their life issues.

Creative Experience: The students are then invited into creative experiences that allow them to personally explore the ideas and concepts shared.


Unikids, Ages 3 to 11

These students are energetic, curious, open, imaginative and enthusiastic. They are learning what it means to be in relationship with one another. They still need adult help and reassurance but also need time on their own to explore new ideas and concepts. They are developing the ability to talk about and explain their ideas.

Children’s Ministry Curriculum Focus

Creating experiences that:

  • Help children know that they are loved as they are.
  • Help children understand that they are filled with love and goodness .
  • Various crafts and games are used to demonstrate Unity principles.

Sharing; We end with a time of sharing ideas and talking about their experience.


Uniteens & Teen Ministry

Middle  and High School: Ages 12 to 17

Teens are going through huge physical and emotional changes. We support each pre-teen and teen by meeting them exactly where they are.

Discussion Format:  We use facilitated discussions to engage each person in an exploration of the current joys and challenges in each of their lives.  There is always an invitation to see how Unity principles could be applied as a successful way of navigating and expanding their experience of peace and joy.

Closing: All students join the adults in the Sunday service for closing celebrations.

Plans for the future -

Youth Of Unity (Y.O.U.)

High School: Ages 15 to 18

We hope to begin offering a separate High School aged Teen Program by the end of the year.  If you are interested in serving in this area, please let us know. 





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Vision and Mission


We envision the Divine Light Awakening in All!


We center in Peace and Love.

We connect in our hearts with others.

We celebrate our journey toward wholeness.

And we empower others to experience their Spiritual Magnificence!

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