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  • Transform Your Life

    Transform Your Life

    Are you ready to let go of what has been holding you back? Are you ready to begin the quest to become your best self?

    You are powerful and wise! Begin the quest to live the life you imagine and make the difference you're here to make!

  • Celebrate Your Journey

    Celebrate Your Journey

    Receive loving support as you practice proven universal principles to master the art of living a joyous, meaningful and abundant life.

  • Transform the World

    Transform the World

    Embrace your unique vision and contribute to our world in ways that only you can.

  • Thrive in a Supportive, Empowering Community

    Thrive in a Supportive, Empowering Community

    Led by Unity-ordained Minister Rev. Victoria Loveland-Coen, Unity Center of Peace is an empowering community where you are free to be you!

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What people are saying about Unity Center of Peace (UCP)...

UCP provides a quiet and beautiful hour and a half every Sunday that refocuses my intentions and brings me back to joy and love.


UCP provides a place to really practice shifting my reality.


UCP provides a sense of belonging to a stable, ongoing group of people who share my values.


I really enjoy the meditations on Sunday.


UCP provides constancy and love in a troublesome world.


It feels as if the minister has you specifically in mind when delivering the talks.


Through interactions with other 'family members' here and with the wise, gentle guidance and example of others...especially our wonderful ministers...I have grown as a person.


I love how UCP keeps our whole family focused on spiritual ideals.


The Next Service

June 26, 2022: 11:00AM - 12:15PM (ET)

One Spirit

Speaker: Rev. Victoria Loveland-Coen

Rev. Victoria will share her insights from Rev. Chris Geith's One Spirit commencement ceremony and share how the key message explored there may give us a better understanding of humankind and our role in the Divine play of life.  And what can we glean from this week's celestial events: the Summer Solstice, and the Great Planetary Alignment (which will be at its peak on Friday at 4:00am) or is it merely a really cool thing to witness?

GO HERE for more information about the Great Planetary Alignment

Join us in our lovely sanctuary for our in-person service
On Facebook Live at https://www.facebook.com/unitychapelhill
On YouTube Live at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLC1D5xZlLok-SsqiOmNfwA

Special Music: Kara Resseguie

What to Expect on a Sunday


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News At A Glance


Honoring the Father Within and Without

Pat Webster, Future Ministers Team
June 19, 2022