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  • Transform Your Life

    Transform Your Life

    Are you ready to let go of what has been holding you back? Are you ready to begin the quest to become your best self?

    You are powerful and wise! Begin the quest to live the life you imagine and make the difference you're here to make!

  • Celebrate Your Journey

    Celebrate Your Journey

    Receive loving support as you practice proven universal principles to master the art of living a joyous, meaningful and abundant life.

  • Transform the World

    Transform the World

    Embrace your unique vision and contribute to our world in ways that only you can.

  • Thrive in a Supportive, Empowering Community

    Thrive in a Supportive, Empowering Community

    Led by Unity-ordained Co-Ministers Rev. Victoria Loveland-Coen and Rev. Rosemary Hyde, Unity Center of Peace is an empowering community where you are free to be you!

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What people are saying about Unity Center of Peace (UCP)...

I have found my spiritual home at UCP. This welcoming community accepts everyone, just the way they are. And we have fun, too! At UCP, I am free to be myself, and to experience personal growth, as we grow together as a supportive, spiritual community.

Jen Gad

I love the spirit of community, which is larger than any person, event, or day-to-day happening, and which is a shining palpable sense of nourishment.


UCP gives me an outlet for my gifts and talents.


UCP provides a sense of belonging to a stable, ongoing group of people who share my values.


Both ministers seem to instinctively know what I need to hear, and they complement each other perfectly.


UCP provides constancy and love in a troublesome world.


I've made great friends here!


UCP helped me create a spiritual concept of life that is non-judgmental....God is here - not out there


The Next Service

April 21st: Easter Sunday: 11:00AM - 12:15PM

Speaker: Rev. Victoria Loveland-Coen

happy easterOn Easter Sunday we will be celebrating the resurrection of the Christ Consciousness within ourselves.  This is not about Jesus the man as being "the one and only" Divine Being.  His message was clearly that all of us are God expressing and when we open to the Christ, or I AM Consciousness within us, our lives transform and we can be a transformational presence in the world. So join us for joy-filled service complete with special music, our famous "chocolate communion" and an activity that reminds us of how the Christ Consciousness is blossoming in our lives.

And bring the kids for a fun Easter Egg hunt after the service!  

Special Music:

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What to Expect on a Sunday


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