Guided Meditation

golden ratioWe continue our journey of creating a major shift in our consciousness, in our lives, and in the world by fully activating all 12 Powers inherent within us.  This aligns us with the magnificent potential that is waiting to emerge.  It allows us to be a light in the world, helping to lift the heavy vibration that is present at this time, so we may all realize a higher vision for ourselves and for the world.
Today we'll activate the power of Order within us.  Order is the intelligent organization and arrangement of Life Energy.  It is the perfect pattern at the center of everything. We see this perfect pattern reflected in the movement of the planets around the sun, the emergence of flowers from tiny shoots, the spiral of a nautilus shell, and the spiral of our galaxy.  
Today we'll connect with the awesome power of Divine Order and bring ourselves into balance with life.  So, listen to the Introduction first to understand the full meaning of this power.  Then, click on the guided energetic meditation to activate this power that is already within you.