Guided Meditation

mind green 296x300We are continuing our journey of creating a major shift in our consciousness, in our lives, and in the world by fully activating all 12 Powers inherent within us.  This aligns us with the magnificent potential that is waiting to emerge.  It allows us to be a light in the world, helping to lift the heavy vibration that is present at this time, so we may all realize a higher vision for ourselves and for the world. 
Today we will activate our Power of Power, which is our Divinely-given gift of dominion over our thoughts and our experience.  We are not victims of the world, but instead are powerful creators.  This power has several aspects and we want to understand what they are in order to embrace them fully. 
So, listen to the Introduction to the Power of Power first and explore where you are with each of the various aspects. Then, click on the guided energetic meditation...or ignite this innate power.