Guided Meditation

zealToday we are exploring the last of our 12 innate Spiritual Powers -- The Power of Zeal.  And so, with this, we conclude our journey of Quantum Shifting.  If you have been using these 12 Power Meditations as a regular practice over the last 5 weeks, you are certainly in a different place than you were before you began.  You’ve created a shift in your consciousness, and your energy, that allows your full potential to emerge…and to be a bright light in the world.  If you haven’t been as committed as you’d like in making this a regular practice, we invite you to recommit now, and start again.  

And for that you can engage your Power of Zeal.

As always, listen first to the Introduction to understand the full meaning of the Power of Zeal.  Then, click on the guided energetic meditation to activate this power within you.