A Historic First

masksThis is the First time in history that all of humanity is fighting a war from the same side, all of us friends sharing a common enemy.  

That’s an amazing fact!  

For the first time ever, we can experience what is really possible when all humans, everywhere, join together as one mind in creating a new reality—the first time we can talk to each other world wide, and know what everyone is doing.  

It is also the first time we can know how directly connected we are to Planet Earth and to all its beings, as we see from satellites and with machine measurements of air quality how powerfully our polluted air has cleansed itself in response to the Covid 19 induced reduction of emissions.  

This is the first time ever we can really know our power as a species when we become as One and stop fighting with each other.  

This is a new reality—launching a powerful evolution of awareness and possibility.  

In this new era, we get to ask ourselves what possibility we want to create—there are no limits.  

What about you??  In a world of unlimited possibilities, what are you choosing?  

For the next three weeks, our future ministers Pat Webster, Oswaldo Mora, and Mel Caron, and I, will be teaming up to help you choose your best vision and start manifesting it, Thursday evenings from 6-7 pm, on our weekly Web class.  Here’s the meeting number.  Please join us.  289 541 5161.  

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Monday, May 20, 2024
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