Our Vision Statement

We envision the Divine Light Awakening in All!

Our Mission Statement

We center in Peace and Love.
We connect in our hearts with others.
We celebrate our journey toward wholeness.
And we empower others to experience their Spiritual Magnificence!

Our Value Statements

  • We welcome and embrace the Divine in all.
  • We honor the sacredness of the planet.
  • We consciously practice gratitude.
  • We grow our consciousness of prosperity, healing and forgiveness
  • We invite Spirit to lead our thoughts and actions.
  • We freely share our gifts in loving service to others
  • We lovingly welcome people of all ethnicities, ages, gender identities, and abilities.
  • We honor and embody the truths found in spiritual traditions and religions from around the world.
  • We embrace the spiritual practices of meditation and affirmative prayer.
  • Our goal is to act with integrity and authenticity.
  • We provide opportunities for spiritual growth for our youth.
  • We take responsibility for our own lives: understanding that we - not others - create our own experience.