Accelerated Learning

bubbles and joyI don’t think I’ve needed to learn so much so fast for decades—probably since I was a toddler learning to propel myself forward on two feet!  It is said that learning is one of our soul’s main reason for coming to earth.  I probably haven’t felt so vibrantly alive since infancy.  

Suddenly it seems I need to do a lot of new things.  Hence, I need to learn a bunch of new skills in areas where I’d already written myself off as a dunce.  Numbers?  Sure!  Bring them on!  Science?   Absolutely!  It adds so much.  Acting? why of course — I thought you’d never ask!  Digital creation?!  Websites!  How about integrated platforms!!  No problem!!...  uh, well, that might take a smidge longer.  Broadcasting, team building, fundraising, management, International programming....  

However, I’ve met this chaotic excitement before—and it leads quickly to burnout.  Wisdom tells me that while being open to new ideas is necessary, I also need to keep listening within, to find the path of Universal Order.  After asking in the silence for help, and trusting that what I need and request will be provided, I really need to allow, not jump around trying to do everything.  

Amid the cacophony of frightful news about the many ways the virus can cause death and how deep will be the gathering financial meltdown, I’m learning more than anything to separate  ever noisier disorder from Truth. 

Is this one way in which life will be different coming out of this “lockdown?”  As we move deeper into the 5th dimension, the spiritual realm, will we find that we are growing stronger boundaries between chaos and Divine Order?  Are we being primed for emergence into a more spiritually ordered reality?   Stay tuned!  

Bulletin:  tonight in our Seminar on Fearless Living in this Challenging Age, we will discuss how we are called to “create our next self “ now more than ever, and the commitment we need to make if we are to succeed in using the Covid 19 lockdown  to create the next level of spiritual awareness .  How can we envision our accelerated learning opening human awareness to the next dimension?  Join us on Thursday to explore this amazing opportunity!!   

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Tuesday, Dec 05, 2023
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