WNA! Compassionate Connection

Presented by Farrunnissa Rosa and Marilyn Grubbs, this gathering provides participants with simple, specific communication techniques that we will apply immediately in small group practice.  These skills can be used to connect with compassion to everyone, including ourselves, in all situations. 

For more information, contact Marilyn Grubbs at

WNA! Sacred Flow

Our hearts are where everything comes together, the Center of Being, such a great place to look for beauty and inspiration! Come enjoy this opportunity to relax and CREATE an improvised, intuitive, spontaneous spiritual experience together! We will begin with centering and meditation, and then, led by Spirit, create our own experiential celebrations and moving meditations alternating with silent, sitting meditations. Feel free to bring poems or prayers. Arrive at 6:30 for tea and sharing ideas/tuning-in, celebration and meditation from 7 to 8:30.

Facilitated by Mark Smith and Katja Sage. Call with questions: 919-357-1967

WNA! Guided Breathing Meditation

What if you could experience some of the benefits that meditation has to offer immediately, and in a single session?  This is exactly what we are offering in our workshop; a peek into what mediation is like.  Through conscious breathing you can silence your mind and feel what it's like to have a cultivated meditation practice.  We'll take you on a melodic journey though diaphragmatic breathing that has been shown to combat anxiety and bolster the immune system.  Guided by Theo Feaster. 

WNA! Drum Circle

Join us as Cindy Jones, MS, LPCS and Taylor Houchens, MS, LPCA, present "Drumming for Wellness".  If you are feeling a need for ease from any of the following: boredom, loneliness, stress, fatique? Then come and get some rhythm relief!  NO experience necessary.  All levels welcome!  Bring your drums and percussion instruments, or some will be provided. 

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