Evolving Thought


The beautiful combination of profound spiritual concepts from the wide variety of sources led to a basic philosophy that became known as New Thought. It includes these ideas…

  • The concept of non-duality. There is only one power and presence. No opposing power.
  • There is one Divine essence within all things, and that essence is LOVE – Love is the life essence of all.
  • We live in a friendly universe that is for us.
  • We are all an expression of this One. We are Divine Life expressing, and we are one with everyone and everything else. Everything is an expression of the ONE.
  • Our thoughts and beliefs are powerful in shaping our experience, because we are one with the creative power of the Divine.
  • Through our thoughts and beliefs…individually and collectively…we have created a world of shadow and illusion that we experience with our senses. We experience, in the physical world, the result of a belief in separation.
  • But by knowing who and what we truly are, and fully embracing that… through spiritual practices such as meditation and prayer… we rise above the world of the senses and can access that realm of the Absolute -- Source energy. In other words, we experience the Kingdom of heaven within us.
  • By refusing to be conformed to this world of shadow (of separation) and by renewing our mind (shifting our consciousness) our lives are transformed.
  • And, we share that energy of love and peace.with the world. We add to the collective consciousness that is awakening to Oneness.
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