Joy, laughter, and music are among the the most amazing gifts of being physically alive!  If you’re reading this, you ARE physically alive at this very moment.  Some of the most delightful moments of shared consciousness that I’ve ever experienced have taken place with human babies under one year old – real babies, not yet able to use language.  In these experiences, despite our lack of shared words, the baby and I have nevertheless shared our awareness and found the sharing delightful.

If you happen to have a baby in your life right now, I invite you to go share this experience with the baby right this minute!  Make eye contact, and start to laugh.  It will take no time before the baby chimes right in.  Let it rip! Life will get funnier and funnier by the second, and your shared laughter will peal forth louder and longer by the minute.  Pretty soon you and the baby will be having enough fun together that you might as well be rolling on the floor (assuming you’re not….) 

I was delighted and amused to rediscover yesterday how we can share a non-verbal joy of living with babies of species other than human.  I have thoroughly enjoyed dancing with the baby parrot in the video below.  The parrot’s development approximately matches that of a human baby less than a year old. The parrot will enjoy a lifespan similar to that of most humans; Its intelligence will develop to match at least that of 8-10 year old humans.  And, although it left the egg only a couple of months ago, it certainly is acutely aware of its oneness with the Universe and the joys of being alive. I invite you now to watch this delightful video and dance along with Fluffy, enjoying your shared awareness of presence.  Please let the joy and the fun permeate your mind today, as you feel deep gratitude to be alive right now.