tree poseDuring these special weeks of "lockdown," I’ve heard some new expressions from people of how they’re feeling—expressions of extreme well-being that used to be very unusual.  

What gives people that feeling of gleeful amazement?  

It comes up in instances where someone has followed inner guidance and acted with complete release about being of service to others.  

It happens when someone has created a new technique to be more open and loving.

It appears when someone is becoming aware of the beauty and awe to be discovered when taking time to observe and recognize evidence of One Love in Nature and community.  

It happens when someone is beginning to recognize that they’re experiencing a higher dimension of consciousness.  

It feels and looks like unabashed, unselfconscious glee, complete with giggles. 

It’s truly a wonderful experience.  I invite you to watch for its occurrence in yourself and others.  Give thanks and enjoy your new childlike enjoyment.  Go ahead—dance up and down.  Smile and laugh as much as you want.  This is what the Universe designed life to be like for most of us most of the time, and you’re hitting the jackpot and discovering that amazing Truth.  Congratulations!!