Debbie has been an active UCP member since 2015.  Her first volunteer experience was Sound Technician for Sunday Service and has since served as Sunday Greeter, Host, Building and Grounds, and has served on both the Board of Trustees and Leadership Council.  Most recently, in 2020, Debbie was hired to be our new Office Manager which has turned into a broader job that includes office management, services and events assistant, building and grounds management, IT and website management, Marketing and PR and Bookkeeping.  She still serves as a volunteer on the We've Got Your Back Team, gardening and building and grounds special projects.

In addition to Debbie's wealth of knowledge and experience with UCP she worked in corporate for 17 years at Blue Cross Blue Shield of NC in many different departments including, Leadership and Organizational Development, Training, and IT.  Her corporoate skills make her a great fit for the many tasks she lovingly and consistently handles for UCP.  In addition to working for UCP, Debbie has been a dedicated pet sitter (now part-time) for 14 years and currently does part-time caregiving for elders.  She lives in Carrboro with her cat, Kitty and enjoys nature, hiking, yoga and meditation and EFT.