Mel works as a headhunter/recruiter in her professional life, and her career path has always been in a hunting role -- seek & find is truly a part of her life.  This philosophy also guides her vision for UCP, where she wants to see our building packed with beautiful smiling faces. She wants to help to achieve this by using her “seeking” skills, finding people and assisting them to become part of a truly “Unified” Center of Peace. 

Mel holds a vision that includes people of all colors, status, backgrounds & cultures.  She envisions every soul growing and learning together in the light of God, and blending their hearts in love, for love is a perfect bond of union.  From her 10 years of leadership in a former denomination, she has learned the importance of dedication, stability, strength, encouragement, wisdom and fun in building a successful community.  She is very excited to use these skills to help UCP grow.

Having moved here from Ontario, Canada in 1997, Mel is happily married to Judy, and they are parents to some beautiful fur babies!  They are both so very grateful to be at peace and comfort within our community.