Originally from Cuenca, a town located in the Andes in southern Ecuador, Oswaldo was born in July 1969, arrived in USA in 1994. Oswaldo began his spiritual journey in 1998 when he discovered that shamanism is his essence, was initiated into Andean Shamanism in 1999 and the year 2000 Unity became part of its spiritual support. His affinity with Shamanism led him to discover that his healing ancestors come from Hawaii, he was initiated into Hawaiian shamanism in 2006, Oswaldo has served as an instructor of Transformation and Leadership Processes as well as spiritual coach, Oswaldo is part of the FMTeam (Future Minister Team) studying Unity with the undertake of minister of church.

Currently Oswaldo resides in the city of Chapel Hill NC along with his wife Marlene and one of their four children Daniel, together they belong to spiritual community UCP (Unity Center of Peace).