Vi has been involved in Metaphysical belief systems for 37 years and has served on 4 different church boards. Most recently, she served at Unity Spiritual Life Center in Durham with Revs. Bil and Cher Holton, and she was also Director of the Integrative Healing Ministry and spoke at some Sunday morning services there.

Vi is an instructor for the United Metaphysical Churches Seminary program, the organization in which she is ordained. She was Pastor of the First Church of Spiritual Science in Muncie, Indiana for 3 years and Minister of Education for the First United Metaphysical Chapel in Bahama, NC. In addition, she taught High School English and Journalism for 18 years and was Guidance Director at a residential home for undisciplined/troubled children for 17 years.

Vi enjoys exploring new ideas and is grateful to be involved with the UCP book study group. Feeling blessed to be a part of UCP, her heart is pulling her to serve on the Board. She looks forward to being on a team of people that share openly with each other and work for the good of our common cause: the growth and the stability of UCP at every level.