We kicked off the Fall programming this past Sunday and it went so very well. The children led adults in learning, collaborating and thinking about Unity's 5 Principles, 12 Powers and how to build together in commUnity. Yep!
This coming Sunday, we'll reflect on how the Kick Off event went. Reflect on how the YFM classroom has been installed to see if anything needs to shift to be more inclusive and Powerful.  And, reflect on how everyone feels about where the 12 Powers have been placed within the Body, Mind and Spirit.
In October, we'll start talking about the Power of Zeal and how it fits into our daily lives, how it supports our spiritual, personal, and community developments. From what we've experienced with these thoughtful children, it will be an exciting month. Come join us!
Want to know more of what we are doing each Sunday, please reach out at shannon.p@unitychapelhill.org.


We invite you to join us at Unity Center of Peace on Sundays at 11:00am with your younger family members. While you enjoy our Celebration Service in the sanctuary, they will benefit from participating in our robust, loving, nurturing curriculum for children and youth. All programs are age-appropriate and are led by our carefully selected, and fully background checked, Spiritual Education staff members.

Our YFM rooms are in the upstairs part of the building and Sunday School resides from 11am-12:10pm. Please be sure to sign your child in using the clipboard on the door. Near the end of service, the children will be brought downstairs by the Youth Ed teacher to give a brief announcement about what they did and what they learned and to receive a special UCP blessing by the minister and congretation. We currently do not have a program for teens (Y.O.U). Teens are encouraged to sit in the Sunday Service with their parents at this time. 


We envision young people growing up with a clear grasp of their spiritual nature and power, living from their ability to make a difference in the world, to express love, to choose kindness, to relate authentically, and to model spiritual values.

MORE about our YED, Shannon Preto 
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Contact Person: Shannon Preto
Role: Youth Ed Director