0 - 3 years

We support and encourage parents to care for their young ones in the service or nearby, with the help and collaboration of a cadre of volunteers serving as “honorary grandparents.” Just talk to us about your needs.


Pre-K to Grade 5

We employ and support a team of experienced teachers focusing on helping kids to enjoy exploring life as they develop awareness of a benevolent and loving Universe. They explore how this benevolent Spirit expresses in our own minds and hearts, in other people and creatures, and in nature. In addition to Sunday morning activities (11:00 am to 12:15 pm, during our morning service), we plan activities for families to engage and bond with each other through recreation, holiday celebrations, and community service opportunities.


Grade 6 - 9

Our Uniteen program emphasizes positive ethical, moral, and social values. It encourages young people to take a more active leadership role in service, in discussion, and in creating and carrying out programs. Discussion emphasizes personal development, meditation, positive self-image, social effectiveness and kindness. Value is placed on actions directed toward social action, fostering justice, and honoring all beings as expressions of Spirit. The teachers are experienced with and devoted to working with young people of this age, nurturing them as they blossom and grow.

Want To Know More?

For further information, please contact Rev. Victoria Loveland-Coen, minister