SEE Class: Metaphysics 1

Class Times: March 22-26; 4pm-6pm ET
Instructor: Rev. Pat Veenema
Course Number: HTS 105

Explore Unity’s fundamental principles and laws, and the ideas behind affirmative prayer. You will be encouraged to awaken your awareness and understanding of spiritual Truth in order to employ it in your everyday life. Topics explored in this class are: Metaphysics, Truth, Consciousness, Evolution, Our Purpose, Divine Will, Divine Plan, Divine Guidance, The Silence, Meditation, Prayer.

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SEE Class: Meditation Practices

Class Times: March 22-26; 7pm-9pm ET
Instructor: Rev. Ogun Holder
Course Number: SPD 105

At Unity we talk a lot about “going into the Silence.”  Let’s practice it!  This class will give you practice with meditation techniques that can transform your life!  Explore Unity meditation as taught by Myrtle and Charles, as well as a variety of meditation practices, from several cultures.  Discover how to make your personal meditation time easy, pleasant and more meaningful.  This class includes actual meditation experiences, and discussion. If you want to improve your meditation practice, or if you haven't been able to find a meditation style that works, or if you want to know more about what meditation really is, how to clear the mental chatter, and make meditation a part of your daily lifestyle, this is the class for you. 

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SEE Class: The I of the Storm

Class Times: March 22-26; 1pm-3pm ET
Instructor: Rev. Dr. Gary Simmons and Rev. Dr. Jane Simmons
Course Number: SPD 111

What if, rather than running away from conflict and never solving long-standing problems, you could embrace it, apply Unity Principles during difficult times, and create peace in your everyday life?  The “I” of the Storm is designed to help you function from your heart center and master strategies for peacemaking in yourself, your relationships and in the world.


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