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Rev. Victoria’s recent message on “Transcendent Love” is very significant and important in strengthening and advancing so powerfully and clearly the relation and relatedness of co-evolving science and spirituality. 

I was struck by how masterful this message and its delivery, its presentation, were conceived and brought to be.
We all are becoming increasingly space-and-universe conscious scientifically, especially since the very recent launch and initial discoveries of the James Webb Space Telescope and the now more sophisticated surface explorer now on Mars. 
This commonly shared experience of our expanding understanding of the universe is bringing with it the potential for a parallel and corresponding co-expansion in potential for a sudden immeasurable (non-“quanta-fiable) leap in “cosmic consciousness” or spiritual understanding on an expanded scale—spiritually and personally.  
This very real (actual) news of an orbiting asteroid — a space-bound treasure house of vast potential material value — does indeed serve as a new and, up to now, unforeseeable, but perfectly appropriate, image, symbol, metaphor or parable for correlation with the almost meteoric planetary visitations of treasure troves of unlimited spiritual wisdom and love, joy and peace in the form of many spiritually advanced individual personalities.  
Among these we would surely include:  Jesus —  the Wayshower; Gautama Buddha—with his innovative noble truths and eightfold path to enlightenment and liberation; Muhammad—with his emphasis on spiritual self-liberation and self-mastery by rigorous application of an inner jihad against one’s lesser thoughts and tendencies; Lao Tse with his unique Way of contemplation, detachment and supreme insight…….the list as Rev Victoria points out—is endless and extends through every age—not excepting our own and even right now, today. 
We also can see here a possible correlation —-between an astronomic fact and any of the noted historic spiritual personalities who may have made planetary contact here by bestowing themselves or having been bestowed, for missions on our world ….
…. or who, perhaps, may have reached up their own efforts to those stratospheres of spiritual understanding and insight as to possess themselves likewise of the counsel and the insight of the heavens—-
either of these would quality them as cosmic visitations or living incarnations of divine celestial truths. 
More in our time, such figures as Rev Victoria mentions :  Yogananda, Maharishi, Baha’ullah, (Dr. Herbert Benson), Yogi Bhajan, Jack Kornfield, Gopi Krishna, Richard Bucke—-and this list gets long as well—have advanced their medically or scientifically measurable—demonstrable—connection and relatedness found in such “spiritual sciences” as kryia yoga, brain-wave measurable positive effects of meditation, (such as) the Maharishi Effect, Kundalini Yoga, auric and empathic medical diagnoses, out-of-body and near-death experiences—no need to stop the list with a period but rather with a comma… , 
I am markedly impressed by this ultra-contemporary imagistic correlation Rev Victoria has presented of a newly detected asteroid of nearly illimitable material value and that of a nearby orbiting “asteroid” or spiritual personality of quintessential love—who would be of illimitable spiritual value to our world …. 
could it as well be “minedl— or better still—somehow captured, brought to earth, and fairly equitably distributed to the masses of God’s children with their manifold needs and problems, neuroses and unhealed tramas, war-weary dispossessions or outright spiritual destitution.  
The lovely and strange irony to all this is — as Rev Victoria clearly pointed out —- knowing and acknowledging that as a planet — we HAVE already been the beneficiary of ample and abundant spiritual wisdom, techniques, practices, methods, insights and worshipful engagements.   
I sense I need to draw this perhaps overly lengthy response, though I would emphasize in closing, that the truth and the breadth of the applicability of this message is vast and eminently shareable.  I’d like to see it shared far more widely.  
Mid-week Meditation Series with Rev. Victoria
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Friday, Jul 19, 2024
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