It’s Time Once Again for Love Feasts!

What is a Love Feast you ask?  It’s a fun evening (or afternoon) spent with your fellow UCP friends – at the private home of the host – where you all enjoy a beautiful meal together. It’s relaxing, fun, heart-connecting and delicious!  Each meal has its own theme. Choose from Italian, a Mediterranean BBQ, a Picnic Pool Party, and much more to come. Get to know your fellow UCP friends more deeply as you break bread together at the home of one generous member.

Love Feast is a fundraiser for UCP and each dinner experience will be priced according to what’s offered. There is a limited amount of seats available for each dinner, so watch for the sign-up sheet when they arrive. You don’t want to miss out!

Love Feast Schedule:

Saturday, July 29 at 6pm
Mediterranean Feast Underneath the Summer Stars
for up to 18 people
Hosted by Brad Goodwin and Marea Kavanagh

Saturday, August 26 at 4pm
Lakeside Shrimp on the Barbie
for up to 12 people
Hosted by Rev. Victoria Loveland-Coen and Dana Coen


October - Date to Be Detemined
Sicillian Dinner by Candlelight
for up to 6 people
Hosted by Sharon and Carmelo Graffagnino


View Events  for specific details