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Exciting News to Share!

If, for some reason, you missed our Thanksgiving Potluck and Community Forum last Sunday (Nov. 10th) here’s a recap of what we shared.  And by the way, the potluck was amazing!  Thank you to all who brought something to share.  It was perfect!

2019 What a Year!!

Our new Music Director, Kris Whitenack shared briefly (before he left for an afternoon gig) about how the music program is beginning to take shape here and how we’re still intending to have a small band soon.  Then we distributed a Special Musical Guest Survey for everyone to list, from 1 to 5 how they enjoyed, or not, each musician this year.  If you didn’t get one, please see Kris or Rev. Victoria and we’ll make sure you receive one. Your opinion matters.

Rosemary shared that this year we established our Future Minister Team – 5 UCP Members who are committed to becoming either Licensed Unity Teachers or Ministers.  They are: Mel Caron, Pat Webster, Chris Geith, Blanche Foy and Oswaldo Mora.  We are supporting and mentoring them on this challenging, but rewarding path.  Please join us in holding them in our prayers, and appreciating their service.  You will see them serving more and more on Sundays and in other leadership capacities as they stretch their wings.

Rosemary and Victoria then shared all the ways we have been working to implement many of the wonderful ideas expressed at our Leadership Visioning Retreat back in June.

  • In response to your request we are including more members in the Sunday services, in particular the Future Minister’s Team. This will continue to expand in the new year.
  • We then shared that this year our congregation has wholeheartedly adopted on Unity’s EarthCare Initiative, and created and signed our very own EarthCare Covenant in a special sacred service in September.   We have now completed Levels A and B in our “green” certification. You can find a list of all the ways we have implemented EarthCare posted on the Bulletin Board in the foyer. The work continues.
  • Rosemary also shared that this year we brought a new Youth Ed Director – Liessa Bown – on board who has helped us create an outstanding youth and teen program.
  • Victoria shared that we are incorporating more practical spiritual events and classes such as the Meditation Mondays guided meditation circle, as well as a very successful Prosperity Class and a class on how to apply the 12 Powers into your life. More to come in the New Year.
  • We have installed our outdoor bulletin board at the head on the hiking trails to share what we offer at UCP with all who use our parking lot to access the trails.
  • We have begun to “live-stream” our Sunday service. It’s a “work in progress” as we are working out technical issues. But already we have folks from all over tuning in and sharing our message with others!
  • Our Outdoor Sacred Spaces has renewed energy and we’ve added to our existing Buddha statue, the Jesus statue to our “team” of spiritual masters represented. Very soon Green Tara will be joining the team.
  • Our new annual fundraiser: Concert for Peace hosted superb professional musicians and those who attended had a great time.  Next year we will chose an outdoor venue for the concert so it will feel more like an outdoor music festival. We need to spread the word and have everyone attend.  This is an important fundraiser and we count on your support.
  • Board President, Marea Kavanagh then reported on the tremendous ways we have served this community through our Outreach Team, helping to clear Homestead Road of trash that endangers wildlife, provide thousands of free diapers to the many NC families who cannot afford them, support women entrepreneurs in 3rd world countries via KIVA giving, and much more.
  • Marea also shared that we have hired an Admin Assistant and Sunday Host – Debbie Hall – who also ensures the smooth functioning of service on Sundays.
  • You might notice updates and refreshing of our kitchen and other areas.  The kitchen painting was a gift from an anonymous angel.
  • Marea shared that the board has given the Ministers a much-needed raise and shared the intention of increasing that next year.

New Roles for Minister

Then, Rev. Rosemary and Rev. Victoria shared about how their roles will change beginning January 1st, 2020.  For the last 7 years they have been sharing duties equally as Co-Ministers here at UCP.  As Rosemary has spent time in Paris she has discovered a real need for New Thought Spiritual instruction and community there.  She has answered the call by creating a Meet Up group for spiritual seekers, and that has grown.  She will need more time to attend to this and other “virtual” groups in places where there are currently no Unity centers.  We support her in this beautiful, expansive endeavor.  To accomplish this mission she will need to step back from the day-to-day duties here at UCP, but will continue as Associate Minister and lead Spiritual Education, oversee the Youth and Family Ministry, be available for spiritual counseling, continue to mentor the Future Minister’s Team, and deliver one talk a month.  Victoria will step into the Senior Minister position and cover all other Ministerial duties.

Sharing of Financials

We then shared UCP’s current financial picture as of September 2019, and compared it with the Year to Date for September 2018. Click here to view those financials.

Vision and Plans for 2020 (We invite you to envision with us the following…)

  • We envision a growth of membership, attendance and income by 20% in 2020.  We envision an increase of 20% of members and “faithful friends” signing up as Conscious Sustainers.
  • We envision paying down at least $20,000 from our loan (we currently owe $120,000)
  • We envision accruing an additional $10,000 in our bank account for building repairs.
  • We envision offering a raise for our Ministers (they currently share one salary of $39,240)
  • We are planning to offer two new benefits to UCP membership
    • We’ve created a “members only” Facebook page for internal community and sharing of our interests (buying, selling, teaching, hosting, etc.)  If you are a member you will receive an invitation to join shortly.
    • The Prayer Team is planning to offer a service of “affirmative prayer calls” to each member once a month.
  • We will be promoting Unity Center of Peace as a “Campus for Spiritual Explorers.”  This will serve as an umbrella for the wide variety of spiritual experiences we offer which include the core Unity teaching as well as Shamanic classes, Course in Miracles groups, Dances of Universal Peace, Energy Healing work on Wednesday nights, Reiki, hypnosis, Drum Circles, and other offerings.  This phrase will hopefully communicate to spiritual seekers from all over the Triangle something that speaks directly to them.
  • We envision our upcoming SEE Week (March 23rd to 27th) being a huge success, with classes that are full of folks who are excited to be here and who experience quantum spiritual growth as a result.
  • We envision many successful Minister and FMT-led classes and workshops that attract and inspire lots of people.
  • Further updates to our physical building: we envision painting and refreshing the exterior and full interior; an installed projector in the Sanctuary to project affirmations and song lyrics and save paper!; updated bathrooms and to finish updating kitchen.


Re-Commitment Drive and Sharing Circle

We concluded by introducing our “Re-Commitment” Service which will take place this Sunday, November 17th.  We hope to see you all there.

We then formed a sharing circle and passed the “talking stick” around and everyone shared from their heart.

Our next Community Meeting will be our Annual Meeting in February.  Look for notices on the exact date starting in January and we hope to see you all there!

If you have any questions about anything that was shared, don’t hesitate to contact either Rev. Victoria at , Rev. Rosemary at or Marea Kavanagh at

Much love and many blessings!

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