Dancing on the Edge of Mystery

open armsAs beings who have staked most of our learning and experiencing in the physical dimension over however many years we’ve been embodied in this incarnation, we identify all too readily with what we see when we look into the mirror and think back to what we remember from childhood or judge the hidden messages In what we think others are saying and doing when we’re around. 

In contrast to our faltering level of self-awareness in our physical embodiment, whenever someone has transitioned back into Spirit energy and left their bodies behind, their transformation is surprising.  Almost without fail, even with people I may have judged negatively, when those close to that transitioning person start sharing their memories, I learn that the individual who has left has powerfully expressed love in many ways of which I was unaware. 

Each time I experience this new awareness about someone, I realize  that my appreciation of that person from the physical point of view has been dramatically limited.  From the predictability with which people’s spiritual magnificence is revealed and mirrored in the hearts of their loved ones, I come to realize that everyone, including myself, is, In the dimension of love, a wonderful, beautiful, resplendent spiritual being.  If I accept and celebrate that wonder in myself and imagine my contribution to the Universe on that scale, what can I imagine being?  I affirm that spiritual magnificence as my birthright being the Divine Expression that I am.  I am grateful!  

Sacred Metamorphoses
Staying in the Middle


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Friday, Jun 14, 2024
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