Eco-friendly Tip for the Month of May

Have your veggies (flowers) and feed wildife, too!  Typical home gardens exist in food deserts for wildlife, caused by human-dominated alterations to the land.  But you can have a fruitful garden and help wildlife and pollinators, with whom we are interdependent in the Web of Life.  Instead of resisting  or harming creatures who need plants to survive more than we do, plant vigorous native species they prefer and that can withstand browsing: e.g .coralbells, New England asters, wild strawberry, and especially elderberry for deer.  Add deterrent plants such as Swiss chard, and deer will forego lettuce and spinach.  Plant extra parsley for rabbits, who prefer it to the greens behind it.  Chives deter animals when mixed with strawberries; peppermint protects squash from rodents.  Protect pollinator plants such as butterfly bushes by planting tall grasses or other dense vegetation around them.  Keep dandelions—they are delicacies to rabbits and keep them from cultivated plants.  Go wild—deer and other animals prefer wildflowers and trees emerging on former lawns and will leave other plants alone.  For so many creatures, eating plants isn't just a healthy lifestyle; it's key to their survival.  And you can have it all—feeding wildlife, and protecting your garden and landscaping!