Do you feel a little guilty when throwing food waste into the garbage can? Find yourself wondering if that waste could be enriching the soil that grows our food instead of rotting in a landfill?

If this speaks to you, UCP has a solution! We’ve contracted with CompostNow to collect all our food waste, and we’re passing on this opportunity to our members. For $10 a month, you can bring your personal food waste to our recycling container at UCP and know that it will be picked up weekly and put to good use! If you're unable to swing the $10 per month feel free to drop a dollar or two in our Compost Tip Jar anytime - located in the kitchen.


Most everything that can’t be recycled can be composted. This makes it super easy because you don’t have to think much on what not to include. Here’s a short list of what can be composted:
- fruits and veggies;
- meat, fish and bones;
- eggshells and bread;
- paper towels and napkins;
- coffee grounds, filters, and tea bags
- and many others.

Composting is a high impact Earth Care program that shows our love and care for Mother Earth! To learn more check out the information from the NC Composting Coucil.


For questions about our UCP Composting program contact Cheryl Stevens at.

Check out our UCP Impact Report which highlights the progress we are making towards sustainable business practices