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World Day of Prayer

Thu, September 12 2019 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

I celebrate the vast possibilities for my life


All are invited to join us for this year's World Day of Prayer observation at UCP.  Every year at this time, tens of thousands of people join Silent Unity® and Unity churches and centers around the world to pray together during this worldwide event. 

This year, the focus of prayer will be to embrace a better life for ourselves, for others and for our planet.  The evening prayer service will begin at 6:50pm at our Medicine Wheel and then move inside for meditation, candlelighting, gentle music and group intentional prayer.  As always, participants are invited at any time during the day to come and to sit in the silence and offer their prayers in our sanctuary or outdoor sacred spaces. 

Prayer is more powerful than we usually realize, it is our opportunity to identify and create outcomes we strongly desire, using the power of our mind and ideas to realize our full potential.  Coming together in a group with the intention of focusing our thoughts on the well-being of humanity and our planet creates a loving, healing energy that others can feel.

We hope that even if you are not able to join with us in person, you will take some time during the day to go within and connect in the silence to the mighty stream of peace and healing our group activities are creating.