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Energy Shifting with Stones

Thu, September 19 2019 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

This offering is about assisting you in achieving goals and resolving situations on the energetic level. By using stones to represent people, life situations, or anything else in your life that you would like to enhance or remove, you will be planting the seeds for change.  Join Jeffrey Churchill as he guides you in placing the stones in two different formats, first is the way things are presently; the second is on the format you would like to see. You will write down the two arrangements and burn them, offering them to your Spirits and the Universe so they can assist you in your request.

Folks who have tried this modality have shared they have seen positive energetic shifts come to fruition. The intention for this offering is to assist you in your journey. It is suggested after you do this exercise that you allow the process to flow unbound by expectations or judgment on your request.

Continuing on his spiritual path of 20 years, Jeffrey offers this event after being shown how to use stones as tools to assist you on your journey. He has learned different ways of shifting energy and sharing it with folks so they may have the opportunity to move forward with fewer barriers.

Bring 8-12 stones. There will also be stones on hand that you can use if needed. All other materials provided. Mindful Offering $10 or more suggested.

Contact Jeffrey at or 508-269-8017 with questions.

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