UCP Spirituality in Nature Group

Fri, November 20 2020 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

You’re invited to join us from your safe space or live outdoors in our Spiral Labyrinth to deepen your connection with nature, yourself, and others. Chris Geith, Cheryl Stevens, Tom Hoban, Jeffrey Churchill and other members of this growing group bring the peace and tranquility of the UCP Outdoor Sacred Spaces to you. We all gather on Zoom, even if you join us at UCP, to meet in community and enter into sacred relationships with the land and all beings through mindful observation and earth-honoring ceremony. You’ll have guided contemplative solo time to do in your home or outdoors for a few minutes, and we’ll come back together in our virtual circle to share our experiences. Together, we’ll remember our interconnection with the natural world and each other.

This Spirituality in Nature Group is an EarthCare ministry of Unity Center of Peace.  Please register at bit.ly/SpiritInNature and we will email you the link.

If joining us outside at UCP, please bring your phone and headset for Zoom, wear a mask, bring your chair, and maintain social distance (we have plenty of room to spread out).


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