IN PERSON Sunday Celebration Service - Outdoors Open Air Tent

Sun, May 30 2021 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

In Person Outdoor Sunday Service starts at 11AM - UCP Front Lawn - Open Air Tent

GO HERE for more information about this Sunday's Celebration Service

As COVID-19 case counts decrease and more people are vaccinated, we will begin a soft reopening on Sunday May 2nd!  We will start by offering our Sunday Celebration Service at 11:00am outdoors on the front lawn under a canopy.  Imagine being together in person and experiencing the inspirational talk live, and live music! And imagine seeing one another once again in person! 

We will still observe physical distancing, no hand-holding or hugging yet.  Let's greet each other with elbow bumps and Namaste gestures.  For now, to be safe, let's arrive with our masks on.  Masks can be taken off while sitting or standing 6 feet apart during the actual service however, let's be sure to put them back on when socializing.  If you enter the building you must wear a mask.

Our Facebook Live Sunday Service will still be offered although it has been moved to the 10am slot.  We look forward to seeing you at one or both events and enjoying in-person fellowship after the 11am outdoor service.  We're not quite ready to provide food and coffee for our in-person social hour.  If you are unable to join our in-person service and after service social hour we will offer a separate Zoom social hour later in the week, to be determined.


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