Affirmative Prayer Workshop - Day 1

Sat, September 25 2021 10:00 am - 4:00 pm
Categories: Classes - Adult

Saturday, Sept. 25; 10am-4pm
Sunday, Sept. 26; 1pm-2pm

Affirmative Prayer with Rev. Victoria Loveland-Coen

It's very inspiring to know that we are a unique, individual expression of the Infinite Divine One…even more so to experience it.

But how do we make that expansive concept practical in our lives? How do we apply that lofty idea to our own experience to heal our body, heal our relationships, find more meaningful work and live a more prosperous life? How do we start living the truth that Infinite Good is ours?...

…Through a technique known as Affirmative Prayer. Affirmative Prayer can unlock the healing, abundance, fulfillment and peace we know is a potential, and bring it into our experience.

Join Rev. Victoria Loveland-Coen on Saturday, Sept 25th from 10:00 – 4:00 out on the back deck at Unity Center of Peace and on Sunday from 1:00 – 2:30.

With Affirmative Prayer you will learn to pray from the place that includes the answer to your prayer. It is the technique that helps you begin to realize your dreams!

This class is for those who have not yet taken a class on Affirmative Prayer (or Unity Prayer) as well as those who have, but would like to understand it on a deeper level and would like more practice with it. 

Rev. Victoria will be sharing her unique perspective on this practice that is foundational to Unity, as well as the secrets that have been so successful for her.

Don’t miss this opportunity! It will not be offered again for at least another year, or more. Sign up today!

Sacred Exchange - $65