A Hero's Journey: Coming Home

Sat, February 26 2022 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm

This hour-long performance piece is part story-telling and part song-performing. I have been a songwriter/artist for 30 years and I wrote this performance piece based on my own personal journey, from childhood grief to breast cancer diagnosis and recovery, through divorce, and the ensuing, enlightening transformation back home to myself, as an artist, author and inspirational speaker. 

The one-woman show’s title is “A Hero’s Journey: Coming Home'' which explores the grand reawakening and wisdom that comes through years of experience and challenges, which are all great opportunities for growth. It is, I believe, indicative of many stories, as we all have our own story in which we face challenges and overcome, as we journey home towards ourselves, our own personal truth. It is my hope that audience members will realize the important role they play as the hero of their own story, and as the creator of their own happiness. 


Karen Novy is a songwriter, a performer, a mother, an author and a vocal empowerment coach. Karen is also a breast cancer survivor whose diagnosis and subsequent healing propelled her to recognize the silver linings of her diagnosis, and step into her mission and message with passionate purpose. Karen embarked on a journey of enlightenment and awakening which guides her frame of mind and decision making every day of her life. She believes deeply in the healing power of music/sound/vibration, and she is a powerful, positive, heart-centered speaker and performer whose songtelling and storytelling touches hearts and inspires others to live their truth, follow their joy, and share their unique gifts and wisdom with the world.