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Happy, Healthy Solutions - You Are What You Eat!

Sat, April 20 2019 11:00 am - 3:00 pm

Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food. - Hippocrates

Health is definitely the foundation of our time, abundance and happiness.  It is true that we are what we eat and taking care of our health is definitely an investment that will give us abundant energy and more time for those things that bring us joy and happiness.

In this series of plant-based cooking classes, we will learn how to prepare delicious raw and vegan meals from salads to soups to desserts.  We will learn how to care for and love ourselves through incorporating more plant-based meals into our lifestyle made with easy to find, everyday ingredients. And we will also learn techniques such as sprouting and fermenting, how to make wonderful dressings and condiments and how to prepare your plant-based shopping list.  Learn the benefits of eating the rainbow!

In our April 20th class we will cover -

  • What is health and why we need to pay attention to what we eat every day
  • How to prepare a rainbow salad
  • How to prepare amazing toppings with seeds to add to salads, soups, rice, deserts, fruits, etc.
  • How to prepare the best condiment ever that you can use add fantastic flavor to your plant-based meals
  • How to make avocado and sesame seed dressings

Investment: $45.  Visit to register online. Cash or check at the door.

Marlene Medina taught whole plant-based food principles and holistic living for over ten years in her vegan, vegetarian restaurant in Ecuador and In group classes in the comfort of her clients’ homes. The goal of happy healthy solution´s personal and group classes is to provide whole food plant-based nurturing meals, that will manifest healthy living. It is our hope that you will use these tools to take charge of your health destiny and share your own vibrant health and delicious cooking with your loved ones.  For more information please contact Marlene at 919-923-6418 or .