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Wednesday Night Alive! Sacred Flow: First Harvests of Summer

Wed, August 21 2019 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
The deepening summer brings us the first fruits of the summer harvest, the corn and grain that sustain life.  We will come together to honor these gifts and their Givers, as many spiritual traditions do, with ceremonies of purification and renewal, and especially peace-making among the people.  The Cherokee Green Corn Ceremony, honoring Selu, Mother of the Corn, sanctifies harvest and includes rites of reconciliation and forgiveness.  Lammas, or "Loaves Mass," of Northern Europe, honors the breads made from the first grains of the harvest.  Across the world, people give thanks and celebrate a time of coming together in a unity of gratitude.
Come enjoy this opportunity to relax and CREATE an intuitive, spontaneous spiritual experience together! We will begin with centering and meditation, and then... see what Happens!  The emphasis is definitely that "the wisdom is in the Circle", so please bring your creative Selves, and things to share!  Grab a book off your shelf, a favorite meditation, song, poem, drum/rattle, something of meaning for the altar, etc!!  -- anything that celebrates, honors, or symbolizes to you the corn, grains, and foods in the bounty of this season. 

By donation. Facilitated by Mark Smith. Call with questions, 919 357 1967.

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