Fearless Envisioning in a Time of Uncertainty – Homeopathic Remedies

homeopathyToday, I want to put on my hat as a classical homeopathic practitioner.   

Amma Resonance Healing Foundation (ARHF),  a non-profit organization based in The Netherlands, has shared with the homeopathic community a free preventive and treatment for the Covid 19 illness, which they developed and are distributing free of charge as a global public service – feel free to forward this to those you care about and suggest that they do the same.      

The prime targets of the ARHF are the treatment and prevention of epidemics (HIV/AIDS, Malaria, TB etc) and the relief of collective trauma due to genocide, war, rape, natural catastrophes, etc.  Their remedies are intangible, making them easy to share.  ARHF create sound clips using the numerical frequencies of the substance that they’re preparing as a remedy, and people “take the medicine” by listening to the sound clips a prescribed number of times.

The protocol for aligning your energy with the Covid 19 virus so that if you encounter it, you are attuned and won’t become ill is to listen to the Corona virus sound clip below 3 times a day for a week.  The three times can be back to back. After the week,  since the virus is around us, listen to it once a day or whenever you go out or are in contact with someone who may present a risk to you.

 If you become infected, listen to it once an hour every hour till you feel better, at which point you can listen three times a day for a week and then gradually taper off to zero. You can continue to use the sound clip as a preventive by listening once a week  after the “stay at home” orders are lifted, if you have not suffered infection from the virus.    

As with all “alternative modalities,” of course, nothing about this has been approved by the FDA, and there are no legal guarantees about its effectiveness or usefulness for prevention or treatment of anything – which is true of homeopathy in general. If you use it and feel better or avoid infection, fabulous, and it proves nothing.  However, it’s free, will not cause any harm, and is a proven homeopathic method with a good experiential track record.

If you get a chance to mail order homeopathic remedies or to get some at Whole Foods, get a tube of Gelsemium Sempivirens 30c, and another of Bryonia alba 30c.  In India, where many people use homeopathy as their primary health care, the Covid 19 epidemic is slowing down, apparently, based on the use of those two homeopathic remedies alternating with the virus-based remedy that you can access by listening to the resonance sound clip.

Take one remedy at a time, but you can sequence the three treatments one after the other with a couple of minutes in between.  Of course, you want to keep washing your hands at every opportunity, and to practice not touching your face – medically, this is the basis for prevention, along with having a social (family) circle no larger than 5 people and staying away from everyone else.    

The sound sequence is based on the sound of ocean waves.  Play it at full volume.  I think you may be surprised, as I have been, at how powerfully it affects your inner rhythms. 

Here is the sound clip:


Please bookmark or save this blog so you can access the sound clip repeatedly.

As you listen and experience, I invite you to also add your affirmation of health and wellness:

“I am whole, healthy and free, as an expression of Universal Energy.”  As you shift your awareness into your spiritual Powers of Faith, Imagination, Will and Strength in the Absolute Realm, picture how it feels and looks for your affirmation to manifest robustly in your experience, and feel your gratefulness for this blessing in your life.  And so it is! 

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