Fearless Living in a Time of Contagion - Reflections for Positive Envisioning

breathwork 2By experiencing this time of uncertainty we learn about Oneness.  A large part of our human genome consists of genes for various micro -organisms – bacteria, viruses, fungi, and many other life forms that are PART OF OUR OWN HUMAN GENES. This oneness with other beings protects us from most potential damage from infection. What an elegant concept!  Divine Order! 

But now here’s a molecule from the genome of a wild animal, for which we humans have no natural immunity.  The widespread infection by the Corona Virus brings us sickness as we adapt.  At the same time, it is imparting to us Oneness with another range of earth creatures.  Since our body-soul-mind-and consciousness are One – intimately united with one another – what possibilities are we obtaining with this genomic transfusion?  How will it ultimately affect our awareness and abilities?  We have as yet no way of knowing.  But the Universe is all powerful and only goodness. We can realistically trust – and envision --  that it will be beneficial. 

Certainly, we are getting another Oneness lesson, in this epidemic: that we all affect and are responsible for helping each other, across the earth.  This lesson has teeth – if we don’t help everyone else survive, we generate for ourselves  a much higher risk of not surviving. We are learning the hard way that we and our planet depend for survival on all of us helping out.  In this same way, we are learning that we are much more powerful when we unite to help all than when we splinter into competing interest groups. 

Our leaders who become infected will end up with a whole new awareness, as will their followers.  China and Russia today are both shipping as many ventilators as possible to hospitals in Italy, to help very sick individuals there.  Scientists are collaborating worldwide -- apparently successfully --- to speed up managing the Corona virus.  When, before, would we have seen this kind of spontaneous cross cultural teamwork to honor shared humanity?  Worldwide, we humans are sharing an enormous learning curve that will change attitudes and beliefs over the long run, and we can expect these changes, like all evolution, to be positive and helpful. This lesson will stand us in good stead in saving our planet from pollution and climate change in the near future.

We can support these evolving benefits with our positive thoughts as we relax and feel grateful instead of fearful. Managing our breath is a powerful way of relaxing into universal life.  On Sunday, in his talk, Rev. Dr. Paul Hasselbeck told our community of a breathing technique that is simple and effective.

When we use this technique, we soothe our vagus nerve, the master nerve that runs through the whole body up into our heads and controls our stress quieting ability.  This breathing technique, named for the number of seconds devoted to each of three stages of breathing, is called 4-7-8.  Breathe in for 4 seconds, hold that breath for 7 seconds, and then exhale through pursed lips for 8 seconds (the pursed lips provide beneficial resistance to the chest wall muscles).  This technique ends up being beautifully calming.  Physiologically, you cannot be anxious or nervous when you have been breathing in this way – just as you can’t smile or laugh and at the same time remain sad or unhappy – Our body and our feelings are indeed one.   Breathe in 4 seconds, hold 7 seconds, release slowly through pursed lips 8 seconds.  Use this strategy often to experience the gift of tranquility and inner peace. 

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Fearless Living in a Time of Contagion - Reflectio...


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Tuesday, Dec 05, 2023
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