Fearless Living in a Time of Contagion - Reflections for Positive Envisioning

abundance sunToday, I would like to share with you, the prayer of Mooji, a widely known teacher of Advita Vedanta, who grew up in Jamaica and whose present ashram is in Portugal.  He is teaching that the current pandemic, though it seems fearsome, is actually the loving gift of the Universe to strengthen humanity and to give us the opportunity to rethink how we are living, so we discover how we are poisoning not only the world around us but also our own lives with our obsession over material success and personal power. 

Let us reflect together on his prayer as we read it with love each day. We cannot be afraid as we are holding his vision as ours!

Our Prayer

“As we offer prayers and blessings for all people and all nations of the Earth, let us bless that, though intense, this will also become a time of conscious awakening and healing for everyone. We know, from the lessons of history, that great difficulties, disasters and challenging times also can strengthen and unify us by dissolving the differences that appear to divide us.

Calamities often strengthen us internally, making us more deeply aware of the highest values of life. Troubling times encourages us to work together, to genuinely care for each other. Such events make us more aware of our collective strength when we work together as one united human family. May we grow in unity, love and understanding.

Divine Blessings are upon all people and nations affected at this time. May governments and all helpers move in an inspired, co-operative and harmonious way, so that collectively we are able to put right whatever needs to be put right within our capacity. We envision that that this disease comes to an end soon. We believe, trust, and know this will happen.

This is a prayer for our entire world and its leaders. We pray that the greater, higher Truth which dwells inside us all raises us up in conscious awareness of our true nature and Being so that we become more kind, more open, more loving, wise, peaceful and powerful in the Truth we are. May we live fully in the joy of our real nature in accordance with the vision of Supreme Beingness.”

And so it is. Amen.   

Fearless Living in a Time of Contagion - Reflectio...
Fearless Living in a Time of Contagion - Reflectio...


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Friday, Jun 14, 2024
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