Fearless Living in Uncertain Times - Invitation to Shift Your Perspective

n perspective 628x314A couple of days ago, a friend sent the beautiful message below to a classmate whose mother had just left the earthly plane.  

"There is No Death

          I am standing on the seashore.  A ship at my side spreads her white sails to the morning breeze and starts for the blue ocean.  She is an object of beauty and strength, and I stand and watch her until at length she is a speck of white cloud just where the sea and sky come to mingle with each other.

            Then someone at my side says,  "There! She's gone!"  Gone where?  Gone from my sight, that is all.  She is just as large i

n mast and hull and spar as she was when she left my side,  and she is just as able to bear her load of living weight to her destined harbor.

            Her diminished size is in me, not in her.  And just at the moment when someone at my side says,  There!  She's gone!  there are other eyes watching her coming, and other voices ready to take up the glad shout,  "There she comes!"  …     And that is dying."

 I invite you, now, as you internalize that inspiring and resonant message, to remember the unchanging Truth  about our physical perspective on everything from this embodied  life and the other perspective from the spiritual dimension that we can always pivot our awareness into and experience.  

Let me ask you to reflect for our discussion on Thursday evening (April 2, 2020  at 6 pm,) planning to imagine and discuss what 5th dimension consciousness is seeing and experiencing as we all, across the world, live through the present challenge to express only Love through our hearts and minds.  Here’s the link for Thursday’s Fearless Living discussion / experience:  http://zoom.us/j/2895145161.  See you there!!

Fearless Envisioning in a Time of Uncertainty – Ho...


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