There are many ways to get involved and get to know people at UCP.  If you would like to do something to help out, there are many areas that need helpers.  Just choose one that appeals to you, and you can begin helping either occasionally or on a regular basis.  The roles below are great ways to get started.  Just contact the person listed for the Ministry that handles that activity.

Sacred Activism  (Rev. Victoria, Marea Kavanagh)

  • Sacred Activism is about finding gratitude, forgiveness, and compassion;
    it is about opening yourself up to the kindness within you, letting go of pain, and making a conscious choice to help heal the world.

Earthcare  (Dr. Tom Hoban, Debbie Hall)

  • Participate in UCP's Adopt-a-Hwy quarterly clean-up of a 2 mile stretch of Homestead Rd., Chapel Hill
  • Help foster the practice and life style of reduce, reuse, recycle and compost at UCP
  • Educate the community on the priciciples of being a zero waste constituent
  • CSA - Mindful eating program
  • Support the use of non-toxic product use on building and grounds

Welcoming and Hospitality  (Pat Brill, Debbie Hall)

  • Bring refreshments
  • Help out in kitchen
  • Become a Greeter

Services and Events (Chris Egle, Mary Wiley)

  • Help run our sound board
  • Bring flowers
  • Set up chairs
  • Replenish seat back supplies
  • Help at Wednesday Night Alive!

Outreach (Pete Bikas, Marea Kavanagh)

  • Participate in one of the many Outreach programs
    • Food for local neighborhood food bank
    • School supplies for children in need
    • Personal items for women exiting prison
    • Volunteer at NC Diaper Bank

Building and Grounds (Debbie Hall)

  • Work in the garden
  • Attend seasonal workdays

Community Care (Lorraine Lewis)

  • Join the Prayer Team
  • Participate on the  We've Got Your Back support team

Spiritual Education (Rev. Victoria) 

  • Attend Sunday morning forum/book group, 9:30 am (except in Summer)
  • Take Pathways to CommUnity class (offered several time a year)
  • Attend other classes of interest
  • Work with Youth Education teachers and children during Sunday service

Prosperity Team (Rev. Victoria)

  • Help out on a Fundraising Event (Yard Sale, Silent Auction, etc.)