Anything With A Plug


UCP’s Sacred Activism Team is sponsoring a new EarthCare initiative! Keep it out of the dump! Dump it on us, is an opportunity to recycle any small to medium sized electronic device or appliance with a plug


During the months of January, May and October, UCP accepts these items on Sundays before and after service or in the office M-F between 11:30-4:30. 

Founder and Owner of Anything With a Plug Inc., Dennis Carter, grew up around many factories and mills in Dayton, Ohio. Dennis wondered where these items went after their usefulness was over. The answers startled him … dumpsters and ultimately landfills.

Over time, the landfills overflowed with junk, and much of that junk contained harmful, toxic material. Most people didn’t know just how harmful their electronic waste was. And some maybe, didn’t care. Even if people did care, they didn’t have a responsible, affordable, and convenient way to dispose of broken, burned out appliances and electronic waste until recently.

Dennis decided to do something about it. In summer of 2012, Dennis started Anything With a Plug to help people dispose of unused, broken, or unwanted electronics in an environmentally safe way. They started with residential removal, but because of the community’s urgent need, they quickly expanded to serve businesses, community organizations, and governmental agencies.

Anything With a Plug works with everyone – from real estate offices and thrift stores to medical offices and commercial property owners.
Anything With a Plug recycles everything locally in an environmentally sound manner. Almost nothing goes to the landfill.

Wear For All


UCP is supporting a local initiative called Wear for All. We are collecting gently used clothing for all ages for Fall and Winter seasons. If you would like to donate any warm clothing items such as coats, sweaters, hats, gloves, warm shirts and pants, or socks and shoes please drop them in the white basket in the UCP foyer.

You may contribute on Sundays after service or come by UCP, M-F between 11:30-4:30 for drop off. Thank you for your caring spirit and thoughtful donations!