Sacred Activism invites us to awaken to both our highest spiritual selves and to the current experience of the world around us. From an awareness of Oneness, we put into practice our highest values of love and service. We therefore approach social justice as a spiritual practice as we endeavor to help create a world that works for everyone.

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Four Pillars of Sacred Activism

The Sacred Activism Pillars at Unity Center of Peace are:

  1. AWARENESS: Expanding our awareness about social justice issues through the lens of Sacred Activism (growth through education, service, and spirit.)

  2. COMMUNICATION: Communicating with each other and our community, and creating opportunities to connect and learn from each other about social justice issues.

    Living Room Conversations:

    Living Room Conversations are a simple way to connect across divides - politics, age, gender, race, nationality, and more.  VIEW WEBSITE

    Our next Living Room Conversation - TBD

  3. ACTION: Taking loving action in response to the group’s Spiritual guidance.

  4. PRAYER: Holding all people, places and situations in prayer and intention.