We embrace our community and our visitors with genuine caring in a warm and welcoming space. We assure that our guests feel appreciated and supported in getting involved in UCP.


  • Greeters
  • Hospitality
  • After Service Fellowship (Kitchen Wizards)

Service Opportunities

  • Serve as a Sunday greeter 
  • Provide food for after service on Sundays
  • Set up food for service 
  • Help in the kitchen after service
  • Help organize potlucks and social activities
  • Be a friendly ambassador for UCP!

Contact Pat Brill at



We seek out and engage lovingly in care and enrichment for members of both our local and more distant communities with compassion embodied in action, knowing that such partnering expands ourward and makes a profound difference in our lives and in our world.


  • Service events
  • Global initiatives
  • Support local initiatives

Service Opportunities

Collect donations at UCP, such as:

  • Food
  • Warm clothing and blankets 
  • Diapers
  • Books 
  • School supplies
  • Personal care items
  • Deliver donated items to local groups
  • Volunteer at local outreach centers including diaper and food banks, shelters, the Rogers-Eubanks Neighborhood Association, and others
  • Help organize and participate in community events, such as the CROP Walk
  • Promote UCP’s program for full employment 
  • Suggest projects to support local and distant community (such as Kiva micro-loans)
  • Collaborate with local ministers and Interfaith Council to assist with larger community projects

Contact: Pete Bikas at

Spiritual Education


We support both adults and children in deepening their experience of the Divine Truth within and in awakening to their power as expressions of Spirit.

Groups/ Functions

  • YFM teachers
  • SEE Course planning
  • Pathways to CommUnity Classes
  • Discussion groups
  • Small group development

Service Opportunities

Assist in any of the following programs:


  • Sunday morning forum (Exploring Being Human)
  • Pathways to CommUnity (new member classes)
  • Spiritual Education and Enrichment classes
  • Other Spiritual Classes

Younger Peeps (Teens, Pre-teens, Youth, Children)

  • Volunteer with the children on Sunday morning 
  • Forums and discussions 
  • Youth Leadership development
  • Activities for fun and bonding
  • Community outreach locally and elsewhere
  • Movie and Discussion Night activities

Contact:  Rev. Rosemary Hyde at  

Services and Events


We engage the community in creative Celebration Services with compelling music and experiences of Oneness.  We plan captivating special events that invite life-changing encounters with Spirit.


Planning and coordination of:

  • Sunday services
  • Special Events
  • Wednesday Night Alive!
  • Music
  • Sanctuary set up
  • Sound and recording

Service Opportunities

  • Arrange for sanctuary and platform set up before services
  • Recruit volunteers as needed to:
    • Set up chairs
    • Provide flowers
    • Keep seatbacks stocked
  • Work with Co-Ministers or Music Coordinator to plan for and assist at special services or concerts
  • Operate sound system

Contact: Rev. Victoria Loveland-Coen at  

For Wednesday Night Alive! Contact Marilyn Grubbs at 

For Music contact Kris Whitenack at  

Community Care


We express caring and compassion for members of our spiritual family through prayer and practical service.


  • Pastoral Care (Co-Ministers)
  • Prayer Team 
  • We Got Your Back
  • Wellness Team

Service Opportunities

  • Prayer support (training provided)
  • Provide food, transportation, friendly visits to housebound congregants
  • Provide wellness opportunities

Contact: Rev. Rosemary Hyde at  

For Prayer Team contact Lorraine Lewis at  



We joyously channel our divine, abundant resources to increase our community’s financial well-being, and we encourage the growth of UCP’s membership base. Our abundance allows us to spread our Vision and Mission deeply and broadly.


  • Fundraising opportunities
  • Fundraising events 
  • Membership Development
  • Giving opportunities

Service Opportunities

  • Help organize, promote or volunteer in any one of many opportunities for our Annual Run 4 Peace
  • Help with social media to reach and maintain visitors
  • Partner with outside organizations
  • Help with PR and/or promotional materials

Contact: Rev. Victoria Loveland-Coen,  

Building and Grounds


We enhance and maintain the beauty and utility of our physical environment. We enlinst others to help care for our divinely bestowed material abundance.

Groups / Functions

  • Outdoor Sacred Spaces 
  • Gardens 
  • Grounds 

Service Opportunities

  • Assist in care of building interior and exterior
  • Help maintain grounds, parking lot, gardens
  • Provide upkeep for outdoor sacred spaces
  • Organize and promote congregational workdays
  • Ensure that winter clean-ups and clearing occur as necessary
  • Assist with art exhibits and artist reception



We facilitate the efficient and effective sharing of information, and we ensure that others have the tools and skills needed to communicate their missions inside and outside of UCP.

Service Opportunities

Assist in one more of the following activities: 

  • Internal Communications (e-news, other methods) 
  • Publicity 
  • Website development and maintenance 
  • Scheduling, calendars 
  • Facebook 
  • Contact Relation Management 
  • Public Relations 
  • IT (various technologies) 
  • Train other teams in the use of available tools

Contact Judy Moore at