Going Back to Normal??

rush hourAs we start looking forward, after Easter, to being able to think about after the pandemic lockdown, I’ve heard people talk longingly about "getting back to normal." 

Upon hearing this, I’ve wondered "Really??!!"  

In the same breath, people are also expressing their delight at seeing really clear skies, at having time to rest, reflect, and be with family members, at having the time and bandwidth to reconnect with old friends, or at enjoying the creative pursuits they’ve found themselves able to pursue for the first time in ages.  So I’m wondering who really WANTS to have their lives go back precisely to the way things were?

I’m inviting you to reflect on this apparent contradiction in desires, and figure out what you really WANT to experience as we come out of this global retreat.  We will be free, as we always are,to bring about the rhythm and experiences we want.  

What have YOU realized for yourself that you really enjoy, as you’ve adjusted your days?  What do YOU want to experience in the forthcoming era of awakened awareness?  Start describing it for yourself now—start collecting knowing the right words and images.  

As you become aware of what’s going to make it hard to carry on with what you’re enjoying now, do your work!  Identify those impending problems and create your rebuttal statements— that you are giving no power to those obstacles!  Figure out what you are willing deep within to release so you can evoke the experiences you want in your life!  Then prepare your powerful, positive assertions referring to the spiritual paradigm of perfect opportunities and conditions.  

Let’s come together now and support each other in understanding and creating the deeply meaningful life of our dreams as we go forward. Let’s take advantage of what the universe is helping us to experience and learn in these days of retreat!  And let’s create a brillant new "normal" that’s dramatically better than the old one that we are decisively leaving behind!  

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Tuesday, Dec 05, 2023
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