Good Friday: A Vital Point in the Process of Regeneration

rassouli spirit of lovePerhaps you, like me, have seen a movie or three about the story of Jesus of Nazareth—or perhaps attended a Christian “Stations of the Cross “ service.  Both are ways to focus our minds and hearts in the cosmic emptiness that lies in the middle between the spiritual mileposts of  degeneration and regeneration—the process of evolving  from one dimension to the next. 

Interestingly and probably synchronistically, the Corona virus pandemic has conformed perfectly in time to the penitential time of year called Lent in Christianity, as it has also tracked the shift from winter into spring in the northern hemisphere.  The period of degeneration relative to the Christian narrative started on Ash Wednesday— February 26.  This Sunday, April 12, is Easter, the point of revival in the Christian calendar.  Today, Friday April 10, is when Christians following this calendar note that Jesus has left his body.  It is a moment of absence.  The old order of things has fallen apart, and the new is still waiting to begin.  The world is empty of loving energy, according to the messianic prophecies, till dawn on Easter.  

In the domain of nature, spring started early this year, in southeastern North America.  Consequently it is now, on April 10-12, reaching a peak of bloom and revival.  

Across the earth, in response to the threat of death from an unknown virus, we humans have been forced for weeks now to release our habitual activities and assumptions.  As we’ve been immobilized, our planet has gotten to breathe.  We have benefitted by having time to observe, reflect, relate, and create — such luxuries!!  

We have generally spent a lot less money than usual—interesting!  We have experienced, discovered, and created new ways to love and live, by reaching out in new ways and affirming to those we love  how important they are to us.  

What have we really learned during this time of change?  

This week is our moment to ask ourselves that important question.  At  this turning point  of endless potential, we get to choose what thoughts and actions we wish to activate going forward.  This moment of zero momentum is a huge gift to humanity.  

Our thoughts and feelings create our experiences.  I invite you to use this time right now to reflect and choose what is most important to you going forward from here, and start to envision and create THAT new world for yourself. You can choose how you will experience regeneration .  Make it really good!!!!  

Today and tomorrow, envision the best world you can possibly imagine.  Write your assertions.  Claim  the love, beauty, satisfaction, and spiritual rewards that inspire you most.  Just do it, so on Sunday you’re ready to arise and move forward into Heaven on Earth!

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Friday, Jul 19, 2024
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